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From early times Diamond earrings are one of the most favourite jewellery options for the woman. From delicate diamond studs to large drop earrings, it adds symmetry and grace to any wearer. It enhances an ensemble from a casual outfit to formal wear. We as a popular diamond earring maker provided a wide selection of diamond earring in different styles. Each style offers a variety of mounting metal and Shapes. So in this article, we will tell you about the kinds of earrings we designed for you. Below are some of the popular styles you can adopt in      diamond earrings.

Stud earrings

Stud earrings are one of the simplest and the smallest earring designs consisting of diamonds. It appears to float on the front of your ear. A stud is connected to post-like stuff that goes within your earlobe and is secured in place with the help of a screw or slip-on back. It can be easily matched with any dress from traditional to western wear. It can also be used for a regular purpose to adds beauty to your look. 

Diamond stud earring

A diamond beautifully cut adds sparkle to your earlobe and is placed in a stud setting. Stud setting can be of three types that is four-prong studs, Bezel studs, and three-prong studs. Simple prong secures the diamond in a place that allows everyone in the room to appreciate the beauty of stone without incorporating any additional gemstones. The versatile nature of stud earring makes our diamonds easy to wear in every form. To achieve the maximum fire, we advise you to choose the diamond grade of at least I-J in color and S12 in clarity for your earrings. All our diamonds are thoroughly certified by gemmological laboratories. You can also buy two loose diamonds and customize your unique earring.  Make your stones set in a stud setting that catches everyone’s eyes.

Drop earrings

Drop earrings at the regal and feminine earrings that hang from your earlobe. They are generally created from metal featuring diamonds and other gems stone to achieve their unique look. We provide a range of drop earrings nearly to your shoulder length so that you can find a pair of smashing outfits with drop earrings.

Diamond hoop clear earrings

This retro favorite has come back into a style.  They are available in wide varieties of size and thickness. Large hoop earrings are generally loved by young people that make them trendy while smaller hoops are reserved for an elegant statement.  Hoop earrings are made with solid metal set with satisfied diamonds to add a little sparkle.

Why choose us?

With our rich diamond industry experience, we are providing a wide assortment of diamond earrings. We assure our clients that all our diamonds are thoroughly certified by gemmological laboratories and are quality checked against various predefined parameters. In compliance with current fashion trends, our diamond rings are precisely designed by trained artisans and best quality diamonds. Our diamond earrings are known for their perfect finish and brilliant. buy diamond earrings online |Buy Diamond Earrings Online in India | Taamin Diam | Diamond Bracelets|Sellers|Original|Real Diamond|Diamond Merchants

Our Mission

Let us know your requirements and we bring you best options available with us and with all the diamond merchants in the country so that you get best value for your money. We are here to make your Natural Diamond buying as easy as possible.
While you think of Buying a Diamond, you have these questions in your mind. You will get our answers below point by point and you will find your mind fully relieved and you will feel completely ready to give us your requirements.

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Question No. 1
What Shape of diamond should I buy?
This depends on your personal choice. Follow our guide on different Shape of diamonds. Maximum selling is Round Brilliant Cut(RBC) followed by Princess, Emerald, Heart and Oval.
Question No. 2
What Carat weight should I buy?
Carat weight defines size of the diamond. This is your personal choice how big diamond u want to buy? Please follow our guide on Carat weight showing how big the diamond will look on your finger when set in a ring with respect to different carat weights and Shape of diamond.
Question No. 3
What Color grade should I buy?
Color Grade starts from D and then lowest goes upto P but normally from D to M. Never spend on higher color grades as diamond prices go steeply high as you go for higher color grades without adding comparable value to the diamond(see Rapaport Price List). You can comfortably start with IGI certified K color which is reasonably good white faceup when set in the ring. After this going for higher Color grades depends upon your budget and your capacity to spend.
Question No. 4
What Clarity grade should I buy?
Clarity grades start from FL to I3. You can start with IGI certified Si1 which must be either 100% Eyeclean and not too many Inclusions/Spots in the centre or atleast 80-90% eyeclean. If your budget higher, first go for higher clarity grade than going for higher color grade.
Question No. 5
What Cut grade should I buy?
Your first priority should be to buy a Triple Excellent Cut diamond meaning Cut: Excellent, Polish: Excellent and Symmetry: Excellent. This provides best luster and fire in a diamond.
Question No. 6
What Fluroscent grade should I buy?
This is the parameter which is highly misunderstood or people are highly misguided. You can save a lot of money on this. For color grades K and below and clarity Si1 and below and weak VS2, go for None fluroscence only. For color grades K and below and clarity good vs2 and above you can go upto even STRONG fluroscence if there is no internal graining in the centre of the diamond. This will save you a lot of money besides giving your diamond a whiter faceup and no effect on luster and fire. Internal graining not visible even with magnifying lens. If there is strong internal graining in the centre of a diamond, it will make it hazy. For color grades J and I and clarity good vs2 and above you can go upto SLIGHT fluroscence if there is no internal graining in the centre of the diamond. For color grades H and above and clarity good vs2 and above you must go only for NONE fluroscence.

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