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Why diamond bracelet is also known as a tennis bracelet?

A tennis bracelet is a flexible bracelet with multiple diamonds fixed in a row of similar size, cut, and shape. Though the name suggests that it is a tennis bracelet but it is not designed to wear during your tennis tournament. This is a specific type of bracelet that earned its name from a famous tennis player Chris Evert. 

During a tournament in 1987, Evert lost her designer bracelet. She desperately asked the higher authority to stop the match so that she can search for her bracelet. The event was broadcasted live on television so the whole world sitting in front of the TV had watched this remarkable scene. 

Since then, this kind of bracelet is called the name tennis bracelet. As it gained its name, now many tennis players want this type of bracelet but not during the match. You can find various designs of Online Diamond Bracelet at the best price.

How did it gain popularity?

After gaining popularity thanks to the event that was held 30 years from today to receive an international boost to this type of bracelet. Suddenly everyone wants to wear a diamond bracelet who can afford it. However, not only the cause of the incident but this type of bracelet is popular for its timeless beauty. 

The story of this tennis Bracelet has already gone 30 years ago. This kind of bracelet received an international advertisement as a piece of jewelry that will enhance your inner beauty. The versatility and sophistication of this bracelet make it one of the most popular pieces of jewelry among women around the world. You will never go out of style by wearing a diamond tennis bracelet.

What is a diamond bracelet made up of?

This classic diamond bracelet consists of colorless diamond round same size card with 18-carat white gold or platinum setting. With the change in fashion, this diamond bracelet appears to be set in yellow gold And rose gold also. We also see that diamond bracelets with the combination of white and black diamonds are also in demand. Another type of diamond bracelets was found in brown color, which goes perfectly with a rose gold setting. 

Some jewelers also made this gemstone just like black diamonds.

The beauty of a diamond bracelet depends on the person who is going to wear it. A single stack of bracelet doesn’t look bad but a multiple tennis bracelet then look awesome in your hand. Especially for glamorous occasions like marriage or engagement a tennis bracelet can still be the show. 

You can also combine various bracelet of different colors like yellow gold or rose gold one. You can wear it separately on different occasions or can wear it at the same time according to the occasion. You can buy Online Diamond Bracelet at the best price from our website

Why woman men can also wear diamond bracelet

In general, diamond bracelets are mainly made for women. But throughout history diamond bracelets also influenced men. Modern man loves to wear diamond bracelets.

In many traditional customs, a man wears a diamond bracelet when it is gifted by his wife or any woman. He can receive it from his daughter or mother also. But if you are not a traditional person then you can also purchase it for yourselves. You can buy diamond bracelet online

Our Mission

Let us know your requirements and we bring you best options available with us and with all the diamond merchants in the country so that you get best value for your money. We are here to make your Natural Diamond buying as easy as possible.
While you think of Buying a Diamond, you have these questions in your mind. You will get our answers below point by point and you will find your mind fully relieved and you will feel completely ready to give us your requirements.

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Question No. 1
What Shape of diamond should I buy?
This depends on your personal choice. Follow our guide on different Shape of diamonds. Maximum selling is Round Brilliant Cut(RBC) followed by Princess, Emerald, Heart and Oval.
Question No. 2
What Carat weight should I buy?
Carat weight defines size of the diamond. This is your personal choice how big diamond u want to buy? Please follow our guide on Carat weight showing how big the diamond will look on your finger when set in a ring with respect to different carat weights and Shape of diamond.
Question No. 3
What Color grade should I buy?
Color Grade starts from D and then lowest goes upto P but normally from D to M. Never spend on higher color grades as diamond prices go steeply high as you go for higher color grades without adding comparable value to the diamond(see Rapaport Price List). You can comfortably start with IGI certified K color which is reasonably good white faceup when set in the ring. After this going for higher Color grades depends upon your budget and your capacity to spend.
Question No. 4
What Clarity grade should I buy?
Clarity grades start from FL to I3. You can start with IGI certified Si1 which must be either 100% Eyeclean and not too many Inclusions/Spots in the centre or atleast 80-90% eyeclean. If your budget higher, first go for higher clarity grade than going for higher color grade.
Question No. 5
What Cut grade should I buy?
Your first priority should be to buy a Triple Excellent Cut diamond meaning Cut: Excellent, Polish: Excellent and Symmetry: Excellent. This provides best luster and fire in a diamond.
Question No. 6
What Fluroscent grade should I buy?
This is the parameter which is highly misunderstood or people are highly misguided. You can save a lot of money on this. For color grades K and below and clarity Si1 and below and weak VS2, go for None fluroscence only. For color grades K and below and clarity good vs2 and above you can go upto even STRONG fluroscence if there is no internal graining in the centre of the diamond. This will save you a lot of money besides giving your diamond a whiter faceup and no effect on luster and fire. Internal graining not visible even with magnifying lens. If there is strong internal graining in the centre of a diamond, it will make it hazy. For color grades J and I and clarity good vs2 and above you can go upto SLIGHT fluroscence if there is no internal graining in the centre of the diamond. For color grades H and above and clarity good vs2 and above you must go only for NONE fluroscence.

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